Children's Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Website

The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Site has been developed specifically for children who have experienced a mild head injury and may be suffering from post concussion symptoms. The site is broken down into two sections providing information for both children (aged 10 years and under) as well as adolescents (aged 11 years and over). The site aims to provide information about mild traumatic brain injury and resulting symptoms by answering some common questions asked by children who have sustained a mild head injury.

Specifically, the site addresses the following areas:

  • What is a mild head injury?
  • Feelings
  • How long will I feel this way?
  • Going back to school
  • When can I play sport?
  • What does visiting the rehabilitation team involve?
  • Problem solving
  • Talking to yourself
  • Coping
  • Asking for help

To access the Children's Mild Traumatic Brain Injury website click here.


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